Digital Marketing & e-Commerce Consulting Rates

MySearchology can help you cross the chasm

 $45 Fixed-rate hourly rates for consulting time and service. A signed professional service contract is mandatory in order to get started 

 We are seasoned experts at ecommerce and Web Marketing with a track record of delivering results.  Able to bridge gaps or chasms between business and technical groups and capable of communicating complex technical issues in layman's terms.  Our consultants have extensive experience with SEO, ecommerce, Mobile Commerce, Content Management Systems, Cyber Security, Sales & Marketing and have the confidence and ability to deliver results within competitive online markets. 



Practice areas


 SEO & ecommerce expertise for Magento, Wordpress, Joomla, BigCommerce, Shopify & Voluson Content Managment Systems 

Carving Out Online Niches

 Positioning Companies, Brands, Products & Services online and finding sweet spots within the competitive landscape 

Being everything the competition is not

 Finding the competition's weak spots and leveraging this to carve out niches online & differentiate products & companies to gain competitive advantage. 

Bad Bot & Negative SEO Detection

 Identification & Mitigation of Negative SEO & Bad Bots using Web Application Firewalls 

Website Speed Analysis & Mitigation

 Tweaking Content Management Systems (CMS) & optimizing for SEO, Speed & Conversions 

eCommerce Optimization

Optimizing eCommerce platforms for speed, conversions, mobility and sales using intimate knowledge of the correct systems and tools